VSP 168S Video Processor - DEMO!

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●   Dual pictures operation;

●   Audio and video sync;

●   Quick seamless switch;

●   Fade-in fade-out switch;

●   Multiple cascade synchronization split;

●   Control of cascade multiple; User-defined resolution adjustments;

VSP 168S supports all common video and graphic inputs, including CVBS, VGA, DVI, SDI (Option). VSP 168S meets high end presentation requirement as its qualified image quality and advanced video processing ability, take multiple cascade mapping for example.

VSP 168S comes with a compact 1/2U frame and a LED sending card install room, so it is the most compact LED video processor which user can find only in the LED display application market. There are two kinds of rack mount structures available as option. One is 1 unit for two VSP 168S to be installed, and another is 2 unit size for up to 4 pieces VSP 168S.

VSP 168S supports following main functions: max output resolution up to 2048×1152 or 2560×816, quick user config scale operation, seamless switching for the inputs, auto input detect, multiple cascade mapping.

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